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After Hours Calls

After hours calls should be limited to urgent health concerns that cannot wait until daytime office hours.  Please visit the Pediatric Symptom Checker in our useful links section, as well as our About Fevers information link, to help determine whether your child’s situation needs urgent attention. If you are still uncertain and you:

then you should page the on-call doctor.

Please remember to disable private caller ID or other call-blocking devices when requesting an after-hours call back from the pediatrician, or he/she will not be able to return your call.  Since many people are not aware that they have this feature as part of their phone service, we recommend dialing *87 whenever requesting a call back from one of our physicians.  In addition, please do not call a physician directly with any phone number obtained through caller ID.

If you have trouble getting through to the answering service and suspect a problem with our phone lines, please call the Winchester Hospital main number (781-729-9000) and tell the operator that you are trying to reach the physician on-call for Pediatricians, Inc.

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